Panther | Twister Dolly


For the excellent guidance of the dolly the steering geometry was enhanced once again and the drawbar got improved for smooth-running steering.

Development of side and level platforms: For the first time, the body of a platform dolly can be enlarged, not only by its length and width but also height. Level platforms are mounted above the wheels to offer an enlarged workspace that can be used for storage or as a convenient footrest for the cameraman while shooting.

The push bar got strengthened again and six different positions for assembly on the dolly (even sideways) give additional support e.g. to the Steadicam operator.

Central feature of the Twister Dolly are the combined tyre and track wheels. They allow for camera movements on track (62 cm / 2 ft gauge) or on ground without the need for time consuming conversion. You easily move the fully equipped Twister over the starter ramp on tracks and if required reset the dolly on tyres the same way. Furthermore the Twister glides with an overall width of 78 cm / 2’7’’ through any door with ease.

By the three selectable steering modes FRONT, REAR and ROUND-A-ROUND the Twister Dolly twists cleverly in all directions and navigates exactly around the motive. Shifting in and out of steering modes is done fast and without tools by locking pins on the axes or at steering. According to the requirements either the front wheels or the back wheels move independently from each other or all four wheels move together. By the minimum inner turning radius of 42 cm / 1’6’’ also narrow curves are easy to run.

The Twister Dolly is applicable for film and HD shootings. The dolly’s platform allows up to 250 kg / 550 lbs payload and can be enlarged with different platforms.

Of course, all standard Panther accessories like turnstile attachments, Euro Adapter, bowls and other brackets or bazookas can be used on the Twister Dolly.

Enjoy your shoot - with Panther Twister dolly

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