Scorpio Arm The arm is a remote, digital, modular, composed of three modules that work in 2 or 3 axies. The first is a programmable rotary disc, the second becomes a head 2 PAN and TILT axes, which can be adapted to any camera through the incorporation of bands 50 and 150 mm and rotating in an overhead shot.

All have focused optical axes. All axes (pan, tilt, roll, zoom, focus and iris) are programmable and repeatable.

The arm can be controlled from a distance of up to 1000 m (3200 feet) away via RS485 serial cable or half-duplex radio 2.4 GHz microwave programmable limits, adjust speed damping and adjustable for all axes.

Because the signal path system gold new Scorpio rings mounted arm, together with additional connectors that allow free movement of the cable head, the arm can rotate as necessary, providing new possibilities is to realize the fantasies of any director.

Scorpio Arm works and adapts to all computers or television film (Panther and Fisher).

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