Following the enormous success of the Titan Tube, Astera has created the Hyperion Tube that doubles its lenght to 2031mm.

Double the LEDs, batteries, brightness, pixels and the same high-quality light with App, CRMX, control from the device itself and wired DMX option.


  • LG Chem Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (20h)
  • Rear screen: quich access to DMX, color & hue, saturation and intensity control settings
  • 144W of power
  • Colors: red, green, blue, mint and amber
  • Boost mode: increases the brightness of whites by 2.8 for almost 2h or when connected to AC
  • Adjustable target: with a ranfe from 1750K to 20000K
  • Very high color rendering: TLCI ≥ 96, CRI Ra ≥ 96, CRI Re ≥ 90 desde 3200K hasta 6500K
  • 32 individually controllable pixels
  • IR remote control
  • Wireless DMX
  • Wired DMX: compatible with Astera PowerBox
  • Control with App
  • Display with quick access to DMX settings, colors and hue, saturation and intensity control
  • 120º beam angle
  • 180º light field angle
  • IP65 waterproof
  • 2 eyebolts
  • 2 clamp fasteners



Set consisting of 4 Hyperion Tube, a case for 4 unidades, Data Link, 8 clamps, 8 eyebolts, 4 PSUs, 4 Wing Plates and AC wiring

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