What is Scorpio?

Servicevision is the result of constant work of a team driven by the determination of the Valles brothers in Spain to create new and sophisticated equipment to enable video or film cameras move with great stability and remotely control their parameters. Servicevision is a company with over 50 employees in development, manufacture and rental of equipment.

Our headquarter is located in Cornella de Llobregat (Barcelona), near the Ronda de Dalt, very close to the airport of El Prat.

The company's successful development and the activities' growth, have created the need to build a seven-story building in which the equipment is designed, manufactured and stored, the rentals are managed and where four sets were built. Servicevision's headquarter has a constructed area of 12,000 m2.

The Vallés brothers founded, after few years, Servicevison USA as a US branch to offer rental and after sales services of Scorpio equipment designed and manufactured in the mother company Servicevision Bis S.L. of Spain.

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